Twenty Questions

One of my blog readers have asked these questions so I’m answering it all for everyone’s knowledge/entertainment ๐Ÿ™‚

1. You look like a Chinese but you’re Muslim. Are your forefathers from northern China?

I am not Muslim. I am Christian/Catholic. My parents are Muslim. My mother is of Portuguese Chinese Indian descent and her Portuguese blood entitles her to being a Bumiputra if she so wished. She converted to Islam after being molested by a Catholic priest when she was a little girl and ultimately ended up marrying a Muslim whom she met when I was 11 years old.

2. What was your ambition when you were a child?

I had dreamt and drawn plans of my dream home ever since the age of 7 and by the age of 10, I knew that I’d wanted to become an architect after visiting glamorous homes of parent’s friends. Of course, in between, I changed my mind a few million times. I wanted to become a doctor but was too lazy to be in University for 6 years only to discover that architecture took bloody 7 years anyway. I also considered becoming a dentist but someone talked me out of it by saying I had to smell bad breath all day. I wanted to become an aeronautical engineer when I was 14 but I had bad eyesight so that plan went out the window. All in all, I wish I had become a doctor instead, just so my family could get free consultation. I had the grades for studying to be a doctor in the UK but, but, but…….*sigh*

3. What’s your favourite food?

I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE food. To say I have a favourite would be criminal and if I listed all the food I loved, it would be a favourite food book. Generally, I have a sweet tooth so anything sweet gels well with me. I love everything at the local coffee shop/hawker centre, I love all Malaysian fare, I love Italian, Japanese, Korean, American, English even… name it. I eat almost everything as long as it isn’t dog meat or snake meat. Oh, and I do not like Polish food. Sorry….

4. Besides BCBG, what other labels do you like?

Oooo…..I like a LOT but I don’t usually have what I like. I like Chanel, but I don’t have any particular label that I’m crazy about, just that unique pieces catch my eye and I like wearing original designs that look good on me. My wardrobe comprises clothes from all around the world, from designer labels (very few and mostly given by my ex-model aunt or Mom’s rich friends) to Chiangmai and Parisienne flea markets, to departmental stores and boutiques. I wouldn’t call them my favourite labels but these guys have some pieces I like – BCBG, Karen Millen, Ted Baker, MNG, Zara, Top Shop, Island Shop….at the top of my head in KL.

5. What’s your favourite colour?

Pink and Green, though I also like white for its virginal qualities and black for its exact opposite effect.

6. Where do you find all the energy to do all those stuff with T1?

I think that if you had a daughter like Tee, you’d want her to just stop talking and with that, you’d do just about anything to shut her up. A lot of what I do with her is out of guilt because quite frankly, Tee is articulate for her age and constantly knows how to press my guilt buttons!

7. Where were you born?

I was born in Singapore, Mount Alvernia Hospital.

8. Who is your hero/heroine?

*scratching head* I like Margaret Thatcher because she slept only 4 hours every night and that was an inspiration to me because if she could do it, then anyone could do it (if they set their minds towards it, that is). I love Madonna, not for her singing, but for her sheer grit towards success. And succeed she did! I guess most of all, I look up to my Mom, because I know the hardship she’s been through and I look at where she is today and who she is, I think it’s pretty remarkable.

9. How many siblings do you have, and if more than one, how far are you in line?

I have 2 younger brothers. I am the eldest and the bossiest.

10. What makes you laugh?

Lots of things. My girls, as starters. They make me laugh all the time!!! My husband makes me laugh, my crazy family……sarcastic wit makes me laugh, British stupid dumb humour, children make me laugh, oh and my husband again!

Part 2 to be cont’d tomorrow……

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  1. you are really funny ! I presume your mom’s the same, she’s just as sporting n funny as you. Molested by a priest ? Nah.. I don’t think so lah ! LOL !!!

  2. hahaha…who lah, asked you all these questions? Either a stalker or a 200% ardent fan! Anyways, got to thank that fella, he/she has asked them on our behalf ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. No wonder you asked if the Dell netbook is available in Pink or green….and I LOVE pink too!

    And agree with you on family getting free consultation…not only family…..even my friends call me up when they need consultation, esp regarding their kids….

    In a way, though no longer practicing, I managed to save the life of a friend’s hubby by diagnosing his cancer early, not in clinical setting, but over coffee…long story….

    Btw, you interested to attend a skincare workshop?

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