There’s a Nu mall in town!

Yes, my shopaholic friends……KL Sentral is the location for the Nu mall whose tag line is If it isn’t Nu, it isn’t YOU. *puke*

Now, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a retail specialist but I did work for a very experienced retail design firm in the past and I can tell you straight on that this mall isn’t going to work. Just as that K mall opposite KLCC hasn’t. Why do developers have such dreams when common sense and logic (and you can even pay for these services these days, my dearest developers!) and more importantly, statistics, tell you time and time and again, that you are wasting money?

This Nu Mall is 7 storeys under construction with 1.2 million gross square feet. That’s like another Times Square sized mall in Brickfields. Mid Valley and the Gardens are just around the corner. There is BSC and BV not too far off. The developers are targetting the affluent crowd of average family income 9k and above and believe it is an excellent location as thousands will cut through the mall each day via the LRT and Monorail.

Let me ask you this. How many people in KL who earn above 9k actually TAKE the LRT or Monorail? Yes, there are some. But are these some going to make a difference in the success of the mall? The majority of traffic cutting through the mall comprise people of earning power 4k and below. This is KL. This is the reality. Even at 4k, I’m pushing it. Can you imagine these thousands of commuters walking through the mall each day (they have to to take the next train) looking at Chanel and Gucci? They may look but I don’t think they’ll be buying!

With a new mall in Brickfields, what do you think the traffic situation around KL Sentral is going to be like? This will directly affect people staying in Federal Hill, Taman Seputeh and anyone else that uses Brickfields and Jalan Bangsar to get to and fro to work. As it is, DBKL is already reconstructing Brickfields to become a one-way street community.

So, guys….if you’re one of the affected ones, I am sorry for you. I truly am. As statistically too, Malaysian designers and developers are not the best in accommodating such problems.

This is usually the scenario. Designers will advise the client of potential problems. Oops, let me qualify. Only GOOD designers would do that (and might I add, that there are perhaps 1% of experienced enough designers in town to even know what they are talking about). Client wants to make more money so client doesn’t listen to designer. Designer has to decide if they follow developers orders or get the boot. Most follow. But the good designers do what is right. They are creative enough to change the mindsets of the developers. Somehow.

Why am I ranting about this bloody Nu mall? Because I kind of grew up in Brickfields. I know Brickfields inside out after spending 5 years studying there. And the reason I know it so well is because my partners in crime and I use to cut class A LOT without my parents knowledge. *grins* (I still managed to pass my SPM with a Grade 1 – phew!)

Brickfields has great food. It is a place that holds plenty memories of me in my school uniform. And no, I never stepped into any of the many cheap motels there, in case you were wondering. But yeah….I feel sentimental about it. And I hate the fact that all this will change once this Nu mall is in operation. Brickfields will be destroyed forever! I hope Ananda Krishnan does something about it since his childhood home is there. Let’s preserve Brickfields!

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  1. U studied in Brickfields? Me too wor. I went to Methodist College. This place didnt change much till today. When u step in, instantly the “smell” welcomes u…. I agree with u on the need of another mall. In fact, too many malls around.

  2. My aunt used to stay in Brickfields so it’s my roaming ground during school holidays up til I was 20 when they moved to another side of KL. As much as I’m nostalgic about the place, I detest going there now cause of the horrible traffic. It’s sad knowing that it’s going to be more congested than it already is.

  3. Yes, agree with you. Nu Sentral is another Avenue K in the making if they stick to the 9K target market. If they lower their requirements, it will be Berjaya Times Square in the making. Well at least now LRT commuter has a cheaper parking space to park but traffic in brickfields will be a nightmare.

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