Piano concert


11am – all dressed for her first piano concert and ready to leave the door.



Stopped for a picture with the pretty Christmas Tree.


So the day finally arrived after weeks of me questioning Tee’s piano teacher suspiciously, “Are you SURE she can play for a concert? Are you SURE she’s ready? Are you SURE you want her to perform?”

Minutes before Tee’s annual music school’s concert began, I said a little prayer to God.

“Dear God, please hypnotise my darling Tee and make her follow her teacher’s exact instructions to play the right piano piece on the grand piano today. Please remind her that it is the piano that she is meant to be playing, and not use it as a Ben10 hideout. Please give her the grace to walk straight to the piano to play her exact piece, named Night Scene, and not jump out front onto stage and start performing her Ben10 kungfu moves instead. Please grant her the confidence so she won’t suffer from stage fright and start crying MOMMY at the piano or worse, start screaming I’VE ALWAYS HATED PIANO LESSONS SO I’M NOT PLAYING TODAY!! whilst kicking the piano, which we all know isn’t true. Please, please remind her that she is playing a duet today, which means that she cannot burp or fart freely on the piano chair because the person beside her will smell it. And certainly, please remind her that she is wearing a gorgeous gown and should behave like a little lady. Amen.”


Tee performed her duet whilst I froze and held my breathe.







A gentle curtsy after her piano playing…..

Even I, a full fledged piano player (as in, I’ve done the shebang of pianoforte examinations and taught piano), have not in my entire life played on a grand piano before. And Tee got to play on one before her 5th birthday. Hhrmph..

Just for kicks, she was out of her pretty gown in a flash and on to her Ben 10 clothes whilst we celebrated in KLCC with new Ben 10 toys from some suckers who were mighty proud of her. And they weren’t from me.

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  1. Tee looks so gorgeous yet demure in her gown. And she played duet with an adult. Cool!! Yea, me too…haven’t played on the grand piano before all my life! She is such a lucky girl.

  2. I m so proud of U mama… and Tee….as I read ur post, I was thinking..what if the person playing on the piano was my son… how would i feel…. makes me wanna send my son for piano lessons already..

    btw Tee absolutely gorgeous in her white gown..

  3. Beautiful pictures. And well done Tee. Can just imagine how you feel seeing her up there. One of those moments that brings tears to your eyes. Definitely better than that advertisement with the little boy tinkling “happy birthday” through the phone to his mother ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i was also holding my breath reading your post! lol! …well done tee, although i don’t know you, i am still proud of u. u look really pretty in that dress!

  5. Awww….she is so sweet. Well done girl!!

    P/s I feel like a proud mama too as I read your posts ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. WOW… piano concert even before Tee reaches 5? Well done, Tee! Mama must be tearing when hearing her playing on stage ๐Ÿ˜€
    My son says he wants to learn kung fu, not piano *slap forehead*

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