I’ve heard some really good things about Cambodian maids but I’ve also heard some not so good things about them. At the end of the day, no matter what race you are or where you’re from, there is always, ALWAYS good and bad. We should never generalise.

One thing though, is that a helper is a helper. Depending on the ways they were brought up, their external influences and how smart they are, chances are you’re going to be stuck with the typical stereotype of maid, unless you are very, very lucky. Only one in a million maids turn out like family. The rest are only on a temporary job placement.

Just last week, my friend found out that her 20 year old Cambodian had a boyfriend and had been sneaking out of her large house at midnight and coming home at 5am every day. This friend of mine, she has 3 helpers. A Chinese Ama for the cooking and cleaning, a Filipino helper to take care of her baby, and the Cambodian to clean and help take care of her other 6 year old son.

A few doors down the road, was where the Cambodian’s boyfriend worked. As a security guard for a neighbouring house. As a security guard, he had taught her the ropes for sneaking out.

Her modus operandi would be to dress in all black, take along the gate remote control and house keys, crawl on her stomach (army crawl) from the back door all the way to the automatic front gate. The entire house is CCTV’d, both inside and outside. She would open the gate using the remote control, don’t you think that’s bloody daring. There is a slight noise when the gate opens and besides, anyone could look out of the window at any one time! PLUS, there are 2 dogs!!

Such is the horniness and lust of a maid.

So this one day, my friend’s husband who had let the dogs loose that night, wondered why the dogs were barking. He went down to check and then asked the maids why the dogs were confined in a section of the garden again when he had let them loose and that’s when he discovered that the Cambodian was missing. When enquired, all maids played dumb.

He went upstairs to alert my friend that he had a feeling that their Cambodian had run away. She bounced out of bed to check the CCTV videos immediately and instructed her husband to change all the locks. What they basically did was put the front door lock on the back door and mixed up all the other locks. They could hardly see anything from the CCTV’s except for a slight corner of the gate opening but there was another hidden CCTV that they had that nobody knew of which showed the maid in black sliding herself against the external wall outside the front gate beside the drain.

At 5am, the Cambodian came home to discover that she could not get in! So she tapped on the window of the other maids but they played dumb again and pretended to continue sleeping. The Cambodian knew that something was up and probably wanted to run away but she needed her stuff, or at least some stuff. Do you know what the brave girl did? She set off the alarm system so that the other maids would be forced to get up so she could quickly get her stuff and run………………..

Well, of course the whole household woke up and the maid was caught in time. Her desperation to get some stuff arguing with the Filipino maid delayed her departure and I can imagine how pissed she was. That same morning, she was sent back to the agent at 9am sharp before my friend even had a chance to explain everything to the agent.

Guess what the Cambodian had to say?

She said that she had wanted to run away that night because my friend always scolded her and abused her. She is so dumb. There are two other maids who can act as witnesses to prove this isn’t true and what more, my friend is hardly ever around as she is a busy working Mom. It is her mother-in-law who stays at home to overlook the maids and is the kindest soul to them. They buy them clothes and shoes and toiletries and feed them well. They even allowed them their own TV until they abused their TV privileges. They have hand phones which my friend’s MIL never reported to my friend.

So many lies…..such gratitude.

My friend was livid.

She has tried them all: Chinese, Indian, Filipinos, Cambodians, Indonesians, Malays, Thai, Burmese……

Maids – they are all the same. If you’re very, VERY lucky, you will get a gem. But don’t bet on it. You don’t have to be cruel to them at all. In fact, you should be nice, but keep your employer-employee distance. Watch them closely and do not ever expect that they would be grateful towards your kindness.

And my frigging maid has still not arrived!

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