1. oh boy, this is the first time i’ve heard of a cambodian maid running away. wow, she’s like a ninja, dressed in black and crawled on her stomach :D

  2. like Barb said Ninja.. wa ha ha ha. I must find out if mine is that clever or not. I always tell her horror stories of maid being raped, so she’ll be afraid and wary of men !!!

  3. a&a'smom

    Fuyoh, what a story!

    Yes u have to be extremly lucky to get good ones. Our KAKAK Dedeh is a gem of a helper & we appreciate her very much & visa versa. Cant believe she’s been with us for the past 6 yrs.

    Hope u get a wonderful helper too & soon

  4. Haha, thanks for sharing this story! Definitely one of the reasons why I cannot tolerate having a helper in the house at the moment. I want someone to solve my problems, not someone to create more problems!

    And all best for your coming helper! :)

  5. It all depends on luck… to get that gem is like striking lottery. Out of 5 times, luck was with me twice. My current maid ain’t perfect, but as long as she is not creating problem, I am happy

  6. Again, i attract by this post title – Cambodian maid! hahahahahha

    Looks like your friend’s cambo maid is very smart!Ya, this is the first i heard cambo maid running away.

    Good luck on your new maid! You also getting a cambo maid??

  7. CC

    Hi, that was a really interesting story.
    yeah – goes to show that no matter how good you are to the maid they will betray you!
    i just found my maid’s hand phone which she says her mum got for her after she returned from Indonesia on a holiday.I told her to give it to me and she refused.I am very angry at her for lying to me as I had told her no hand phone but i allow her to call home every week – in fact I said you can all home everyday!i just dont want her to have her own hand phone as I heard men will then start calling or smsing them to entice them…..ssheesh! any advice what i should do? i feel like sending her back – her contract ends Feb 09 & she agreed to extend 3rd year with me but now i am thinking twice!

  8. klemploy


    I’ve recently just got my cambodian maid after waiting for 6 months plus, the purpose is to take care of my new born baby, however initial plan was that we’re expecting the maid to arrive 3 months after application just right to take care the baby, however as it turns out it takes 6 months plus which forced us to find a baby sitter instead for the purpose, now with the maid arrived we’ve observed she is obedient and able to do common house work as long as you show her what you like her to do using sign language etc, even during idle time she is self initiative enough to find chores to do such as sweep & mob floor, collecting dried cloths and sort it and keep it nicely, so I would says they’re fairly good in terms of doing housework as long as you let them know your expectation, good thing is they don’t know anybody else here not like indon maid where they’re quite sought after by any indon men which caused all this runaway cases. with the high cost of hiring new maid and re-pay the same cost again once they’ve runaway it’s worth the training effort for an Cambodian maid.
    Language wise I’ve seen 1 good example of cambodian maid who’re able to converse very well in English after train by employer, this apply to whatever language if you’ve the patient to teach them.

    Unfortunately due to the need no longer there for having such maid I’m looking to find another employer for her, anyone interested pls contact Mr. Loh at 012-6515343, this is a readily available maid which has got her work permit and Fomema certified, this saves any employer time and effort, transfer cost would be the same like hiring a new one but time is saved.

  9. MaidsarePeopletoo

    Hello… I just want to say one thing about this blog post: Maids are people too… they are not disposable beings that are only there to make employers happy… they have dreams and families and RIGHTS too (rights to hold their passport, to have a boyfriend, to go to the market, to eat good food, etc.).

  10. Jane Wilson

    Yeap right to play with your husband when she gets bored. Don’t spoilt them ever!

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