We found some antique coins in the old mansion

My playboy grandfather was from Teluk Intan (Teluk Anson then). He used to live in a big, black mansion but after he died, the mansion housed his many sisters, most of whom were unmarried. Spooky huh? The mansion sure was!!! There is also a road in Teluk Intan named after my grand uncle, who was a prominent justice of peace during his time.

When we were young, my family would travel up to Teluk Intan every Cheng Beng to pay our respects to the dead, our ancestors. We would stay with my uncle or a hotel but never, ever at the mansion. It was full of cobwebs. After the last death of the grand aunties who stayed at the mansion, the whole family from all over the world zoomed to the mansion to see what they could get. The first who got there walloped the majority of the mother of pearl antiques that adorned the ghostly space. By the time we got there (not to steal antiques, mind you), all that was left was some old antique Chinese coins which I still have today.

I wonder if they are worth anything and should really take them to a rare coin dealer to assess their value.

Who knows, eh?

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  1. Fascinating story. Does the mansion still stand or was it demolished long ago?

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