Bad sinuses causes brain damage

In my case anyway….

I’ve suffered from chronic sinusitis for 20 years. It isn’t pleasant.

It’s a case of wet tissue balls by my bedside every single night, by the dozens. It means having a tissue plug up my nose for the most of my blogging time because as much as I blow my nose out, it drips. Even when I sniff it back in, it drips uncontrollably like a leaking tap. Sometimes it flows down so fast that I don’t reach out for a tissue in time. My life is all about tissues. I should have bought Kleenex stocks way back.

Then the pain. Oh, the pain! My whole face aches, my eyes burn with acid, my throat is dry and rough and the whole trauma of it stresses the rest of my body out. It isn’t pleasant.

Someone once told me that her brother, who suffered from bad sinuses, eventually got himself checked thoroughly only to find that he had a tumour in his head. It was a ball of fluid that needed to be operated and he was out for months. His symptoms were exactly the same as mine – the left head throbbing. It is always in the exact same area. Sometimes, I even hear and feel fluid on the left side of my head jiggle about when I listen to my head banging music.

I tell myself it’s those ecstacy pills I’ve been taking. It must be.

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