What is Romance?

I was born under the star-sign that is supposed to be the most romantic of all star-signs, whatever that means. I cant say if I am a romantic but I certainly know how to appreciate a romantic man. So what exactly is romance?

When I was 16, my childhood sweetheart said to me one evening while we were both lying in bed.

“Was your dad ever a thief?”

“No…? Why?”

“Oh…I thought he might have been one cuz’ someone must’ve stolen the stars out of the skies & put them into your eyes….”

CORNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I fell for it. I burst out laughing but deep down inside, a part of me fluttered. If a guy could humiliate himself by acting out such corny lines whilst making me burst into hysterics, he was worth considering.

In my early 20s, this guy I dated would surprise me with gifts all the time. They werent necessarily expensive gifts but the thought that went into each & every one deserved a mention.

On my first birthday after we started dating, he gave me a pear. Yup! A fresh green Peckham pear!!! How odd? When he saw my reaction, he stated that he figured everyone would be giving me so many presents since I had so many ‘friends’ so he wanted to be different. Different he was.

When I went away to England, he gave me as a farewell gift, a beautiful scented box made out of real cinnamon bark. In it, he filled it with orange potpourri and hidden within, 3 little crystal mice. It was significant to our little secret. That was real special, I thought.

One day, we’d gone shopping & I’d spotted this gorgeoud pair of shoes that I just HAD to have. After several tries, none fitted. A week later, he’d told me to wear black & I did without thinking. As I locked up my apartment to leave for work, there on the floor beside the front door were those shoes!!! I screamed when I saw that they fitted perfectly. He’d gone hunting for the right size & got them for me. How sweet….they were real expensive too.

What about all those little chivalrous things that men do? Carry your bags, open doors, pull out chairs….are they romantic? Well………I do appreciate those gestures but they woudnt necesarilly get brownie points for it.

My husband is a natural romantic. Not excessively to the point that he plans his every move but naturally so in that he doesnt even know he is being romantic when he is.

Like one Valentine’d Day (we dont usually care for these things), he’d snuck into my office without me knowing. I was out at a meeting but when I got back, I noticed a small white heart on my desk. When I picked it up, I realised that it had a note behind which subsequently sent me on a wild goose chase around my whole office in search for more white hearts, like a treasure hunt. This finally led me to my Valentine gift. How bloody fun & exciting is that??? I was thrilled!

Is romance important in a relationship? Not really….but it’s damn nice if there is some.

Care to put some into yours this month? Ask me for ideas. :o)

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  1. oh you’re so lucky! hehe now i want some romance too!! hehe chin is so sweet…. lucky woman!!

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