Toddler communicating

We went for playgroup today and after that were invited to one of the mom’s house for lunch. A few of us arrived before the host so the maid let us in while we made ourselves comfortable on the carpeted floor. The lights were all off, with the haze, it was pretty dim indoors (with very little window in the link house) and little T said out of the blue, “Wow…so dark….” She said it so clearly in her cute, puppy voice that the other moms totally cracked up laughing, with them not expecting to hear much from a toddler her age as their boys had not yet started talking.

My in-laws were down this weekend…after sending my husband off to work and on the way driving home with father-in-law and T in the car, I noticed a tour bus going in the opposite direction that had all its windows totally blacked out. While I was wondering how strange that was, I casually mentioned to father-in-law about the bus – if it was tinted 100% dark/black or if they’d put black cardboard on all the windows so we couldn’t see anyone inside. I was just saying I wonder why they’d do that…..and guess what little Missy blurted out?


I BURST out laughing!!!!!! I hadn’t even asked for her opinion!!! What a little eavesdropper….

I cooked a great dinner tonite and guess how I managed that? Get a toddler table and place in kitchen. Give toddler blunt IKEA plastic knife, fish shaped chopping board, a spoon and 2 plastic bowls. Give toddler off-cuts of vegetables parts that you intend to throw away (in my case broccoli stalks, mushroom stalks and a small part of a carrot). Cut some grooves into vegetables so toddler can cut easily into vegetable stalks. THAT entertained her for a whole 90 minutes! We chatted while we both cooked. She had to cut up all her veg first, then had to pour it into the bowls, then ‘cook’ it by stirring it for a long time…..after that she just kind of did whatever she wanted with the bits of cut up veg i.e. transferring it around from bowl to bowl etc. Finally when I was ready to put my dish into the oven, I took hers too and made her sweep her mess off the floor. The thrill in it all was cooking dinner for Daddy. We went for a bath while dinner was in the over and when she got into her PJs, the oven bell rang, her eyes sparkled instantly and she said, “Ready!”

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