The mind of a toddler

Wearing Bras
Tee wanted to wear my bra. When I told her it was way too big for her, she insisted she still wanted it. So I opened my bra drawer and picked out a very, very old pre-pregnancy bra; tightened the straps and put it on my less than 2 year old daughter and tied a knot behind. She hurriedly posed for the mirror and said “Sexy!” Smiling…“Sexy…Pretty!”. I have never mentioned in her presence that wearing a bra was sexy or pretty so I have no idea where she picked that one up. Unless she thinks wearing anything is sexy….

Formula 1 Race Car
One day when my husband and I were busy with the household chores in separate rooms, we heard this squelch. It was the irritatingly loud screech/shriek that sounded like Michael Schumacher flooring his accelerator, yet it was coming from my own baby. My husband and I simultaneously ran out in search of what the matter was, thinking that a scream of such caliber needed help. There lying flat on her tummy with hands and legs stretched out on the floor, she screamed that ear-piercing cry of help again. “What’s wrong, Tee?” we asked frantically worried. She did it again. Half wondering if she had suddenly gone crazy, I saw the Petronas ad on TV with a little boy in exactly her same position and there went the F1 race car on TV. She was imitating the car screech….

Volvo Cars
I was researching the Volvo website when my little ‘kepoh’ (busybody) sat in front of me like an excited bunny. “Mummy buy….Mummy buy Vovo car.” I told her that Mummy has no money to buy a Volvo car, then suggested she asked her grandfather to buy one instead (cheeky Mummy). She turned around to retort, “No. Mummy ask…Mummy ask”. Tee and I have been fantasising of owning the new Volvo XC90 so if anyone would like to donate one, we’d be forever grateful.

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