The first time

was with a very, very blonde Finnish guy with a Malaysian accent. He adored me and would cycle 20 kilometres just to see me for an hour or two whenever he ran out of cab money and his dad wouldn’t give him more.

Matti lived at the KL Hilton where his dad worked. It was a new experience for me knowing someone who actually lived full time in a hotel. They had 4 adjoining rooms – 3 bedrooms and a living room. They mostly ordered room service and knew everyone at the hotel. It was fun whilst it lasted and it was probably there when my hotel fetish began.

We did it in an unfilled bathtub and boy, did I feel the thunder! NOT. Actually, I didn’t feel anything. After a few more times I was beginning to wonder what the big deal was. The guy was probably too young and inexperienced (as was I) but I have no regrets. It seemed an exotic story dating him (the one whose father had a tattoo on his penis) and whose sister masturbated at 5. Alas, he left me for cooler, more orgasmic girls and started smoking marijuana.

Just before he left the country, he came to say goodbye. I wonder where he is now…….

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