Tessa’s 1st Home Made Card

Another post from Tessa:

I made a Father’s Day card for my precious Daddy today. It is Father’s Day this Sunday. I made the card out of blue card and stuck colourful hearts on it. Mummy helped cut the hearts out and I had fun putting glue on the hearts and stars and sticking them down. At first I thought the glue was lip balm but Mummy said it was glue, not for my lips. The card also has crepe paper of different colours & Mummy helped me cut beautiful shapes like an oyster edge on the card.

I showed Nana my card & she said it was really nice! I cant wait till Daddy sees it. I hope he will like it. On Saturday, before Father’s Day, Daddy is taking me to visit a Fire Station. You See? Isnt he a great Daddy? I cant wait every evening when he comes home & we play & play & play. Mummy doesnt play with me as much as Daddy because she has to do some housework & cook my meals. But I love her too….

Here are some of the reasons why I love my Daddy :-
He stays with me in my little house even though it is so hot in there without ventilation.He plays peekaboo with me every night with Mummy’s duvetHe reads me my storybooks every nightHe reads to me when I am on my pottyHe carries me whenever I want him to or when Mummy is too tiredHe talks to me about how things work in this worldHe takes very good care of me, feeds me, cleans my mess, changes me etcHe takes me places that are so fun!He plays Barney, Jojo & Tweety with meHe gives me piggy back ridesHe hugs & kisses me when Mummy is angry with meWhen I remember more reasons, I will write it down again.

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