Sugar in your armpits

Mom allowed T to play with flour, sugar and a slice of lemon yesterday in attempt to stop T from annoying her from cooking a great big meal for us.

>>Fast Forward>>

Somehow I am always sleepy the moment T recharges from her afternoon nap. She woke up at 3pm today and I lay my head down for a snooze at 3pm….God willing, even 5 minutes was better than nothing. Miraculously, she allowed me a whole 20 minutes while skittering around our King Sized bed playing tent……..or whatever it was she was playing.

Then I heard that dreaded word……


Silence. I played dead.


I sneaked a peak from the tiny slit at the corner of my eye. She approached me and I quickly acknowledged to myself that the end of my blissful nap albeit short, was soon approaching.

“Mummy? put glasses on” Real bossy, my daughter.

My eyelids tore apart and as I stretched my arms up above my head, something caught her eye. Was it leftover stubble that curiously got the better of her? She put her face closer towards my underarms, then told me seriously….

“Mummy, put shoe-ger ammpitt”

“SUGAR??!!” Why in the world would I want to put sugar in my armpits, Tessa???” I frowned so hard that my face must’ve done some strange contortions. Definitely not good for minimising wrinkles….

“Put shoe-ger ammpitt!” she patted her right hand on her left underarm, still with that authoritative tone.

She looked around the room when she realised I wasn’t getting it.

“Is it pow…..der….that you want me to put onto my armpits?”

She nodded and smiled, knowing her own mistake.

In her confusion between the flour that she played with yesterday and the powder that my moms pats on her body after bathing her, my almost 2 daughter instructs me to put sugar in my armpits.

Very good, T. You’re learning…..*roll eyeballs*

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  1. Tess is so smart!! Reading about her makes me laugh, too!! hehe love all ur posts!! very interesting and entertaining.. keep on blogging!! will keep checking in.. and can update Justin on his little neice.

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