A typical day of a toddler

Boy, am I exhausted!

We started out the morning at 8am watching the British Teletubbies whilst Tee had her morning milk followed by a healthy breakfast of mango and grapes…..then yikes! chocolate pop-tarts. Next, I cleaned the floor of our whole 1,800 sf apartment taking longer than usual as my little helper insisted on doing her bit. (Noted in head: time to get T her own broom/hoover). I did the laundry, prepared her lunch, whilst she drove around the apartment in Broom-Broom, her windowless car, ala Flinstones (i.e. with her legs!); and managed to get some actual work done for the organisation for which I do volunteer work.

There is a home here for abused and neglected children who were in a bit of an urgent predicament. They have been told to vacate their current premises by a certain date and so we managed amazingly to raise funds close to a million dollars for the purchase of a new home. Because they are a charity organisation, they were not able to make bank loan applications and had to pay for the house in one lump sum. Utterly ridiculous! The people in need of most help are the ones made to suffer greater. Surprise, surprise….They had a deadline in 4 days to pay up the one million dollars and were 50 gran short so I sent out an email blast to anyone and everyone I knew to appeal for donations. We’ll know by Monday if they made it. If not, they would lose their deposit on the house of a hundred gran. Sure sucks, doesn’t it?

After putting Tee to bed for a nap, I started preparations for dinner – Beef Stroganoff for the Hubs tonight. Before I could even have a shit, she was up and we were gobbling lunch, my new recipe from the internet – potato pizza (sliced fried potato as the pizza base, with cheese, tomato and mushroom toppings). I moved her high chair into the balcony so she could enjoy looking out into the jungle for a change, her mealtime direction usually faces Baby Einstein on the telly, my unreliable babysitter. Well, I know now that my daughter is not a nature lover. Hopefully that’ll change….

This is what we played today:

1. American Idol imitation – where the 2 of us manically sing (scream) upbeat tunes into our makeshift mikes (the remote controls) whilst dancing like we’d just won a million dollars. There was a point where Tee was sitting at the edge of our bed singing into her mike and swaying her Teletubby figure back and forth and suddenly, plop! Her bum landed on the floor. I laughed so hard that she laughed along as well, not knowing why. It reminded me of the time this blonde male model strutted his stuff wildly on the British catwalk with such confidence and then tripped pulling down the whole backstage curtain with his fall. HAHAHAHA !!!! I witnessed this in real life and couldn’t control my laughter.

2. Tea party with friends – Tee sits on a large, large sheet of paper (5′ x 4′) equipped with colourful bowls and spoons and real Frosties! and her friends, the bald baby from Nana, cool chick from Mommy’s old friend in the UK and Little Susie from an aunt, sit just outside the paper waiting for Tee to prepare them tea. Mommy waves and begs Tee for a break – it only lasted a bloody 20 minutes whilst I hurriedly typed away at my laptop. All attempts of the bald baby crying for seconds proved futile. Tee has mastered the art of shaking her head and her index finger in tandem with her authoritative baby voice going, “No, no, no, no, no…!!” I wonder where she learnt that from.

3. The aqua zookeeper – this is where Tee has most fun bathing her plastic water animals with soap and her bath water and a very expensive Body Shop natural sponge. The same “No, no, no, no, no…!!!” response shoots out at the slightest suggestion of towel time when her fingers start mutating into raisins. Unfortunately, my Sony laptop battery only lasts so long and once I have to leave the bathroom, she does too.

4. Peekaboo and Hide and Seek – this is an attempt to distract her from her tantrum from being pulled out of the bathtub like its the end of the world. Trying to wipe her dry while she does acrobatic backflips and kungfu kicks wailing like an injured hyena is a learned skill. But I made peekaboo hide and seek so fun that she forgot she was coming out of the bath 🙂

5. Reading Time – once dressed, we read a few books. She seems to like the Ladybird series and Sandra Boynton best. The moment she moves away from me to play a new toy, I pounce on my laptop at every opportunity. She will also ask for her music CD to be played whilst she dances away. Definitely my genes. Because I usually don’t get to eat lunch, I tend to snack just before dinner when the going gets tough. REALLY tough.

My snack today was a couple of Hershey kisses. When Tee spotted them, she dashed towards me like she hadn’t seen me in years but I quickly hid the packet and firmly said no. The little monkey dug her little fingers into my mouth to get the chocolate out and when I turned away, she tried French kissing me to savour what little chocolate she could salvage. Aarck! What in the world was she thinking? Hate to admit it but definitely my genes.

I finished cooking dinner and counted the seconds before hubby arrived home so I could do the monumental handover of Tee. The moment the main door opened, I literally drank my dinner, had a shower and ran to the bedroom to enjoy a solitary Tim Tam in absolute peace. But in just 5 minutes, the little bells on Tee’s anklets got closer in symphony with her melodious “Mama…? Mama..!! Mama….Mamama….” followed by little knocks on my door.

Ahh……..the joys of Motherhood.

You can NEVER get away.

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