I have a phobia of anything cold, slimy and slithery. That includes all amphibians, reptiles and insects of those sort. My encounters of them have been horrifying and memorable although I wish I wcould erase that part!

Once upon a time, a boy took me out to the tennis courts through a golf course in the evening where we could have some ‘privacy’. After he kissed me, he ran back to the clubhouse and left me at the tennis courts. By which time, dusk had settled and the frogs had come out. I was horrified when I made my way back ALONE to the clubhouse when the golf course was flooded with frogs of every stature. EVERY SQUARE METRE OF THE WAY!!!

Then on an adventure holiday at our National Park, we had to cross this great big waterfall by walking over a thick log. It was about a metre in diameter….yeah, not for the faint hearted. As I watched everyone cross the big log with confidence, I finally plucked up courage to start my journey across. My heart started palpitating and I decided to make my way across very slowly on all fours. Yes, I crawled across for added security and the ordeal took forever. When i finally made it to the end of the log, our travel guide was hitting the grass with a stick nearby. I asked the bloke what he was doing and before he replied, a ghastly brown snake slithered towards me. With nowhere to run and not a second to think, I ran back across the log to where I had started and more. I have no more recollection of what happened after that so my guess is, I must’ve fainted.

But interestingly of late, I have known an even scarier form of creature. Creatures that leech on you and suck your blood and when they’ve had enough, they drop off and you never see them again. The leech of the human sort. Beware of them as you never see or feel them when they are attacking. And then it is too late when they’ve got you.

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