I have 3 fathers…

Or none at all.

Depending on whether I want to see my glass half full or half empty….

Father #1 felt he was too young to be tied down with a baby (i.e. I was an ‘accident’) so Mom left him because she didn’t want to abort me nor did she want to give me up for adoption. She was a Single Mother till I was 3 when she met Father #2. I never knew him but have seen a picture and have heard of his whereabouts.

Father #2 felt I was baggage but adopted me when he married Mom. He always made it clear in our first few years together that I wasn’t part of the big picture but Mom stuck with him until I had a University education. Then she left him for Father #3. I still see Father #2 intermittently during birthdays or celebrations, more so now that T has arrived. He adores her and buys her a gift everytime we meet.

Father #3 I’ve known since I was 12. He is Muslim and has a first wife which makes Mom effectively wife #2. He makes Mom happy but causes her a lot of heartache too. I see him whenever he’s with Mom.

All in all, if you were to ask me which father I am closest to, I’d say none. I have noticed though that I have always been very close to my ex-boyfriend’s fathers and now, my Father-in-Law. The only link I have with Father #1 is bological. He was apparently very good at Math and I suppose that must’ve been where I got my ability to think logically. Father #2 brought me up, fed me and paid for my education. I will be forever grateful to him even though he has hurt me many, many times. I have learnt that it is not personal and that he just has a character of sorts. Father #3 doesn’t pay particular attention to me but I think he is conscious that I am watching his every move as I am protective of my Mother. Through him, I got to travel and sail our own yacht, which was very, very nice. He also pays for all Mom’s medical bills.

I am so grateful that T has a wonderful, WONDERFUL, awesome father.

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