A Painful Crap

Have you ever had one of these? A really painful crap? (poo-poo, shit, defecation…..you get the picture). You know the ones where your stomach churns an spins and feels like acid is pinching your inner stomach walls and nails are being hammered into your internal organs at mid-body?

I had one of those today. All I had before the dreaded saga was a homemade coffee and 2 beautiful cupcakes that my mother had baked the day before. The greatest thing was, the pain just sprung up on me whilst in the car. Thank goodness it wasnt a long drive where we were headed and as soon as we arrived, I dashed for the ladies and found myself the cleanest toilet cubicle. Wiped it clean and lined it with triple layer bog roll before I bombed the throne.

Alas, it took forever to come out and I was stressing about my mother and my baby waiting for me outside that I was wondering if I should call them to say go ahead and start shopping as this was take awhile…..

After 15 minutes I think it was, swoosh!! Water Closet City was bombed like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Need I describe the feeling???

My stomach still felt slightly queasy after all our shopping but luckilly my next attack happened at home and to my mother’s displeasure, stunk up her bathroom. Sorry mom, I love you. xxx

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