Walk for Water by AVEDA – 2015


Every year, T1’s school participates in the AVEDA Walk for Water and this year was no different. Whilst I was in Singapore for the weekend, the Hubs had to bring her at 7am to the walk venue and sort the kids out over the entire weekend. Go Hubby!!!

T1, the crazy girl, never informed us that she had to present on stage until they arrived there and the few kids were summoned on stage to present their water schpiel. Because she couldn’t remember her lines, she had to read out of a piece of paper. WTH!!! That is embarrassing in the highest order!!! Hahaha. She was only given 2 days to memorise some lines and of course, either forgot about it or couldn’t be bothered. What am I going to do with this child? I was discussing this with my SIL why T1 never told us and she said perhaps T1 knew we’d be on her case to memorise the lines and didn’t want the pressure……

But come on, you are going to be presenting to the public, surely you want to present well without reading out of a piece of paper? Only 2 kids read out of paper whilst the rest spoke without reference to anything. I will ask her later why she did what she did. Maybe she really forgot. Would you make your kid memorise the lines if she was presenting in public? It’s only a few lines and she is 10 years old. She is able to memorise Katy Perry lines so why not some lines on water conservation?

Back to the drawing board, we are all going to present and video ourselves today. Hahaha.

In Laws in Town

My schedule has been extremely busy these last few weeks that I have been skipping my daily Izumio and Super Lutein dosage because I actually forget and since every minute of my day is taken up by others, I am to say the least, stretched.


I’m quite used to being stretched but I was supposed to be slowing down.


It really takes a strong mind to pull the reins on myself to slow down as I am so driven by the passion and the cause to save lives and grow the Children of Myanmar. But still, I need to remind myself that my own health comes first. I have my own children to care for and the Hubs has been the biggest nag from his love for me. He might just want to keep me as maid to his kids, disguising it as love.

I have been running. It almost feels like a marathon and after the last Singapore weekend that turned out to be fabulous as well, and immediately after arriving from a delayed flight at midnight, thus finally getting to bed after midnight, I had to go pick up my in-laws from the airport the very next morning. And here I am now whilst the Hubs has taken them out for a super early breakfast. Talk about being the opportunist, eh? Instead of resting as instructed, I chose to escape into blog world. Heh.

So today, I feel tired. I feel like I need a massage. And suddenly I realise dang, I have not been taking my supplements regularly!!! Is it any wonder? It’s not like I’m the healthiest person on Earth plus we ate out all day yesterday due to the in-laws being in town and me not having enough time to cook. But seriously, I feel like cooking tonight. I am so sick of a whole day of out of home food.

After school yesterday, the girls roped their American based Aunt to play Piktureka with them and I partnered up with T2 whilst T1 partnered with Aunt. T2 was so competitive!!! Small chilli padi kept wanting to win and even wanted to CHEAT to win!!! Whenever there was a tie, T2 would confidently exclaim, “It was definitely Mommy first” very matter of factly when it clearly wasn’t. LOL!!! How did I give birth to a cheat?!? After a while of not winning, she started to sulk. And whilst playing, I could see her determination to win. Wow! In the end though, we lost to Team USA because we had an unfair advantage with firstly, an age difference, and secondly, T1 had memorised the Piktureka board quite well.

This morning when we woke up, T2 came to me in bed and said that today after school, let’s have a rematch. LOL!! Kiasu or what?!? She asked me to ask her Aunt if she would join us to have a rematch today and said that we were going to have a Frozen jigsaw puzzle race. Huh? Assumingly she is very confident in completing her Frozen jigsaw puzzle very quickly? I told her to ask her Aunt herself, don’t make ME the messenger. She got T1 to do it. LOL!! Adoiiiii……ever the delegator, my T2.

So yes, today. 21st April 2015, there is a very important competition going on after school at my home. Team Malaysia versus Team USA. When I told T1 that we were having the Frozen jigsaw puzzle race today, she laughed and said, “Mom, I can do 2 of those puzzles with my eyes closed whilst she finishes one.”

I told T1, let’s do it slower so she can win. Otherwise we will be having more and more competitions non-stop. LOL!!! T1 shrugged and said OK. No water off her back for her. So proud of my T1.

So what shall I do with my in-laws today?

My trip to Kota Kinabalu

Last weekend, my business partners and I (well, my friends really….Just trying to make it sound more professional and failing miserably….) flew to KK on a whirlwind mission and a damn successful one it was!

We had invited everyone we knew in KK for a tea sharing session at the Izumio office in KK. They came, we shared, we ate, we laughed, we drank, we ate some more and we laughed some more. It was FUN!!! Prior to the tea sharing, we went to the hairdresser to wash and blow our respective hairs and shared to the hair salon owner but not before eating KK’s famous beef balls noodles at Hillside. After the tea sharing, we had lobsters and champagne at the expense of our Izumio Boss. Bless him. We are his angels. Charlie’s Angels, only in this case it is Ray’s Angels.

After all that, I spent the night with a dearest friend in KK who lives in a swanky apartment atop a hill overlooking the sea. Perfect. It was just perfect. We ended up sleeping at 4am despite me waking at 4am the previous morning to catch the flight to KK. Yet, because of Izumio, I was fine and dandy the next morning at 8am to catch my flight back to KL to be picked up by my 2 little monkeys at KLIA. It was a fabulous trip that enriched me, taught me so much and opened my eyes.

Making Reading Fun

Making Reading Fun

As a Mom, I read tons of books to T1 since she was 6 months old. When she was a toddler at play school, she was allowed to pick and choose any book at all that piqued her interest whether or not it was her level. By the age of 3, she had started stringing words together and by 3.5 years of age, she had begun her independent reading journey. At 6, she was reading Enid Blyton and by 8, she had read the entire Harry Potter series (whether or not it was suitable). Now she reads everything and anything and loves reading…..

T2, on the other hand, I almost never read to and hence the push to start making reading fun. At 3, she had absolutely zero interest in books. At 5, she is now just starting to string letters together through a lot of encouragement. I would be lying if I didn’t feel that a piece of my heart would be crushed if T2 never adopted the love of reading but never say never. I am certain that with some fun reading exercises as below, she will get there one day. Persistence and consistency in reading without force or it ever being a chore is key. Once the child has fun doing it, they will start to love it. Every child is different and will develop their individual reading pace at separate times. Even if your child cannot read at 12 or has no interest in books by then, there is still hope yet.

Just adopt the making reading fun approach and surely they will get there.

Heard in the Car series:

As most of my interaction with my kids happen in the car (so sad, right? But what to do, the moment we get home, everyone is busy with their own responsibilities), I have started documenting the Heard in the Car series:

T2: Mommy, do you know before Daddy took out the YOUTUBE from my iPad, I saw the Barbie Murder Home and it has everything inside.

My head was spinning. Did she stumble across a sinister version of Barbie? Damn, thank God I got the hubs to cancel out YOUTUBE in our home.

T1: She means Barbie MOBILE home, Mom….

It’s dangerous having mispronunciations from T2. She calls her Bahasa teacher Puan Juliana….Prawn Juneya, and her Science teacher, Mrs Chandra….Mrs Sangria. T1 says Prawn Juneya’s daughters must surely be called Shrimp and Krill respectively.

In amusement of T2 calling her Science Teacher Mrs Sangria, I repeatedly asked her who her Science teacher was just to hear her pronounce it over and over again. It is hilarious but then she suddenly states, “My Best Science teacher is Mommy!”

Just for the record, I never teach her any science per se but she relates to me telling her certain stories relating back to her science class such as when I ask her during her shower how she can keep herself healthy.

T1: Who?

T2: Mommy! Mommy is my best Science Teacher.

T1: Mommy doesn’t know Science.

*Mommy starts frowning*

T2: Of course she does! She’s my best Science teacher.

*Mommy wonders if Tia is trying to bring forward the early receipt of her birthday present for August*

T1: Mommy doesn’t know Science but oh, ya….anyone can be a Science teacher at Reception level so I guess she could be your Science Teacher….

Mommy: Excuse me? You might be interested to know that I studied Science at COLLEGE level, Biology, Physics and Chemistry to be exact!!

T1: Oh, you did? You mean you know Science? I thought only Daddy knew Science.


And just to test me, T1 then said she was learning ‘Forces’ for Science at school and do I know it?

Mommy: Oh, so you know what F=ma is?

T1: *confused look*   Oh, noooo….we don’t do formulas for Science. We only do formulas for Math.

Mommy – 1 : T1 – 0

This is no longer a business…..

So I’ve been busy this last week leaving the house by 7.30am and arriving home after midnight 2 days in a row with a KK trip last weekend and a Singapore trip this weekend. I am bushed! If this kind of schedule happened last year, I’d be flat out in bed not moving for a few days. But here I am, still going…..

Why do I work so hard? The Hubs made me quit my job and forego my salary (no more Hermes bags!) to take care of my heart. And here I am working harder than ever. In this last few months, I am learning so much. I am seeing more people (not me going out looking for people but people coming to look for me!) and watching too many people suffer from poor health or critical health. Some of them deserve to be shot but most of them deserve to be forgiven for abusing their own bodies. Some never had a choice.

It is the most heartbreaking thing to know that you only have 6 months to live, when the Doctors tell you that the prognosis isn’t good. Or when you are so ill that the Doctors tell you that they do not know if you will come out of this alive. It could be as simple as dengue. I am praying so hard right now for a dear friend whose husband has been in ICU for the last 3 weeks due to haemorrhaging dengue. Just one bloody mosquito can put an entire family in so much grief and a wife in so much worry. There has been complications and may I plead with all of you to say a prayer for this man to pull through sooner than later. Another friend’s dad contracted leukaemia. Just like that. He was previously as fit as a fiddle. And then another lady has Stage 4 cancer. And another with Stage 3 cancer AND other health failures. My heart disease may not be as critical as I can save myself with an open heart surgery. These guys are fighting for their lives and suddenly it really matters to me that I am in touch with them, be with them and help them heal. Whether or not with Izumio and Super Lutein. It is the same with my eczema patient who is suffering so much. I need to see him healed. Nobody deserves to suffer like that. Being sick is such a lonely journey. I know, because my Mom was sick for 14 years. Although the world around you acknowledges that you are sick, nobody really feels what you go through, not until they are sick themselves. Your entire world perspective changes and suddenly so many things no longer matter because all you want is your life back.

So as of yesterday, there was a paradigm shift. Doing this Izumio and Super Lutein crusade is no longer a business to me. There is a bigger purpose to save a life and to heal the sick. I keep putting myself in my customer’s family’s shoes and imagine if it was my own family, how would I feel? Me going out of my way to be with them to help them is like that Muslim lady coming to my Mom’s hospital room to pray for her. There is no obligation and we are there to genuinely see you through. Because if any of my family were in danger, I would welcome that kind of support. Who knows if I would get it but one can only hope.

My Izumio boss told me of someone who drove all the way to Johor from KL just to pass a patient some Izumio but saved a life. For all those patients suffering from stroke or dengue, time is critical to get them the Izumio. Wait and waiver and you might have lost your patient. I saw a Doctor yesterday and she was amazed that Izumio and Super Lutein could bring a Stage 4 patient out of cancer. She said if it was Stage 1 or the early stages of any disease, it is very likely that a strong boost of antioxidants would allow the body to heal but Stage 4? Yes, Doctor. You only need to double, triple, quadruple the antioxidant dose, that’s all. Everyone has a chance to live. If only they would give themselves that chance. I have full faith in Izumio and Super Lutein for healing a life, improving a life, saving a life and bringing happiness to many lives. Do you think I’d dare publicly declare this if I didn’t have enough belief in them?

Thus if you know of anyone who would welcome some help in healing themselves or anyone else in their families, or improving their lives in any way, if anyone is critically ill and needs an option to live, or if you just want to change your life, you can contact me to enquire further at 012-2333840.

Too many coincidences…..

So firstly, I am just NOT an MLM person. I am not a product peddler and really have no interest in doing such things. Never have been. But suddenly now I am an Entrepreneur. It is different. And I am bloody proud of it!! Most people don’t get it but I do. Most people shy away from such things because they’ve either had bad experiences or they just do not see how they can gain from this life saving business.

My Mom has been helping me prosper though, I know that for a fact. There has been just too many coincidences of luck pouring in with this business and I owe it to her. From me being a hermit at home and not one to keep in touch with anyone, people from left right and long ago are all contacting me for one reason or another. Even today, an Aunty contacts me from nowhere and it turns out that she knows my Mom. Same school in Taiping. Everyone around me seems to want to try Izumio and Super Lutein. How come my luck is so good???? It’s my Mom helping me!!! For sure!!!

And the beauty of it is I just share with everyone who contacts me. I haven’t even started to contact my own friends yet. I can barely cope with the enquiries that I get. The products sell themselves. The moment people try them, they know that they work. People should really try Izumio and Super Lutein. Let’s win this war against diseases. Younger folk should start taking them now so they prevent future diseases. Not many of them are diligent with their intake so best to just take Izumio and Super Lutein. Medical bills are just too much to bare and once you’re in that cycle, heck, even if you’re rich enough to afford the medical bills (or you get it free from insurance), your quality of life suffers and just goes on a downward spiral. I am so lucky that I get to heal before I see the end of it. Will you be so lucky? Every other person is suffering from cancer these days.

Damn you, cancer. But thank you, Mom in Heaven.

Izumio and Super Lutein for Sinus Infections and Sinusitis

Yo, people of sinus cemetery! Wake up!

There is now Izumio and Super Lutein for Sinus Infections and Sinusitis so you really do not have to suffer any longer! Like for real!

Both my parents suffer from bad allergies, immune system disorders, sinusitis being one of them so it was only natural that I had to inherit them. It used to be so bad that I would have to have a whole box of tissues beside my bed and Mom would say, suck it up, I went through it too. So empathetic she was but strangely, hers went away after she got pregnant with me. But it got passed down to me!

I remember Mom saying, maybe after you get a baby, yours will stop like mine. Yeah, right. Bollocks that was. Interestingly though, in my 7 years in the UK, I did not suffer from my sinuses at all. Strange right? Was it the weather? The air quality? The state of mind? Who knows??? But as soon as I returned to Malaysia, BANG!!!

Full blown sinuses every day. Always in the morning, frequently at nights and on occasion when there is a wisp of dust. That has been my lifetime excuse of not doing housework, just so you know. Because the agony of me having a full blown sinus attack is worst than you doing the housework. Strategy…..strategy.

So. When I was out of University, my God sister and Mom bought me a bottle of horseradish. God sister said it really worked. I started taking it but they tasted like horse poo so I stopped. Over the years, well, I just lived with this condition and felt sorry for T1 when she started suffering from it too. But in old age (yes, I am old like it or not), it has gotten worse. My sinuses started being very proned to infections. Slight haze and bang. Get caught in the rain and bang. Sit around smokers and bang. So much so that the Hubs kept nagging me to flush my nose regularly so I won’t get infections every other month or week.

I’m lazy so I just let it be and suffered. Should have really invested in Kleenex shares in my teens.

Enter Izumio and Super Lutein. The next day after taking these products, my sinuses overflowed and took a life on it’s own. It was splashing out like the Niagara falls and my head was woooooooozyyyyyy.

I called the lady who supplied the goods and asked her what was going on!!!

She said it was normal. NORMAL??? THE FUCKKKK!!!!???? This is NOT normal!!!! She advised me to just bare with it for a few days, up to a week (A WEEK!!!???) and it will calm down and everything will be much better. So I went about the next few days bitching and being a right bitch. Trust me if you had a nose flood, you’d be a bitch too.

Fast forward a week later, no more sinus. Hmm. For 3 months no sinus. Zero infection. Then in December, I decided to up my dosage to 6 Super Lutein capsules a day because I was told that that was what I needed if I wanted to see my eyes improving and guess what?

The exact same thing happened!!! My nose went berserk again!!! FUCKKKKKK!!!!! What the hell!???

This time round, I was more confident in the Izumio and Super Lutein as by then, it had already helped me in so many ways so I just bared with it and true enough within a week, all was gone. All toxins flushed out and a solid piece of gunk even flew out. MAJOR EWEEEEEEE!!! I didn’t know I had a stone embedded in my sinuses!??? I pressed it and it was HARD!!! EWE!!!!! It didn’t even look like hardened snot. I have no idea what it was but it was hard.

A further 3 months later and I’ve not had a major sinus attack and no infections, fingers crossed. I still do get a very mild run in the morning especially when it’s cold, but a simple snort out clears it completely. Just once.

That is an amazing relief to be free from frequent sinus infections and daily sinusitis. Like you just don’t know how good life can be when you are not bothered by giggly niggly irritations like this that not only spoil your day but steal time away from your life when you could be doing much greater things saving the world. You know?

So if you have sinus problems, I highly recommend Izumio and Super Lutein to heal your irritable noses. It works. It really works. And I am telling you so.

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Or just go do a SEARCH on my blog on the top right hand corner for IZUMIO and you should be able to find anything related to Izumio. I talk about Izumio everyday now. It is my life after my family.

Izumio and Super Lutein in Kota Kinabalu (KK)

Izumio and Super Lutein in Kota Kinabalu (KK)

Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements

Dear readers in Kota Kinabalu,

This weekend, Saturday to be exact, I will be joining my KK girlfriends in Kota Kinabalu to introduce Izumio and Super Lutein to the kind folks of Kota Kinabalu. Please make time to come if you would like to:-

1.   Learn more about how to improve your best health (or that of your loved ones) – you do not have to buy anything. This is just an eye opener for you to learn about the fundamentals of health and how you can engineer your own body to great health.

2.   Start a passive income stream so that you have monthly income into your bank account

3.   Start and grow a business to success in your own terms

4.   Meet some other wonderful Moms (2 of whom originate from the land below the wind) and me

5.   Just hang out with us to see what you will learn. At worst, have a good time with us; at best, change your entire life for the better. These are truly my goals, in seeing others’ lives improve.

Time: 2pm – 4pm (how are KK people with punctuality?)

Venue: Naturally Plus Salon, Lot No. P1/D/19/G, Ground Floor, Building No. D,
KK Times Square, Kota Kinabalu (I have no idea where this is but it is off Jalan Coastal?)

First and foremost, I would never attend such an invite myself and so I can understand why people would be hesitant to do just that. But sometimes, just sometimes, you give yourselves a chance and your entire life changes forever. It’s like that one golden opportunity that was fated all along. Look at some of the world’s successes and ask them what brought them their first break that brought them to success (whatever success is to you by definition). Working hard all your life may get you to high places but it is that one stroke of luck that pushes you to fly. I have had many levels of flying and am now on my way to flying higher. After KK, we’re off to Singapore and then it will be The Maldives…..

Stress? Not at all. I cannot imagine why I didn’t just start this earlier. I suppose it is fate again as God has his timing on allowing it all to happen In His Time (cue Michelle Soo). There is just nothing more rewarding to live your best life. I have worked so hard for 15 years toiling in 16-18 hours days and weekends on most years when I could have done the same in just a year. It is no wonder that my Big Boss in this Izumio business has his son doing the business even though he graduated out of University in Melbourne. The bugger has a head start starting this business in his 20s. And here I am approaching half the millennium. *groan*

So listen up darling KK folks, I will be there this weekend and would love to meet you again. The last and first time I went to KK was with Dr Jacqueline Koay aka Jacq Sunyoga and had the best time ever. I couldn’t have asked for a better traveling companion and the people we met in KK were such lovely Moms., simple, straightforward and genuine. Just the way I love them.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My Over-Confident Daughter, T1

A few days ago, T1 excitedly came home talking about her day at school boasting that she fooled so many people on April Fool’s Day. At every corner she turned, she’d be pulling a prank on someone and she said that all the girls in her class did the same on everyone else. The boys however were too dumb to think up of pranks. Hmm. Or perhaps they were too lazy to think. Or perhaps they just couldn’t give a rat’s arse! In any case, is it something to be so proud of to fool another?

In my time, exactly when I was 10, I was at a Private School (Sri Inai) in Ulu Kelang and I remember vividly how we schemed to put a bucket of water above the classroom door attached to a string to be pulled when the teacher walked in. After ALL that planning and organising, nobody dared to pull it off! WTF!!! I was so game to do it but didn’t want to do it alone so ended up not doing it in the end. I was so eager to do it on that one particular teacher too whom I really found offensive because she happened to be the Mother of my Dad’s EX whom he dumped. She wasn’t very nice to me, of course. Chis.

T1 is also cocky when she wants to be. She will throw condescending banter at people she doesn’t like and speaks down to her sister quite often. Sometimes I think it is just her very critical nature being a Virgo but sometimes I just need to take a lot of deep breathes and pray for her to transition smoothly into her pre-pubescent years. She is so full of attitude these days, not towards me but to others who rub her the wrong way. She would never be rude to me, no way. She knows her boundaries but still. I have to remind her not to be nasty. On the flip-side, she is capable of being the kindest soul ever. Really, really, really. But only to those whom she loves and wants to be. She is very head strong but when push comes to shove, she will obey me.

For now.

What do I have in store when she becomes a teenager. Yikes!

My sweet daughter, T2

My sweet daughter, T2, presented a hand made notebook to me yesterday. After hearing the Hubs scolding me about how bad I am at managing my finances and not trusting me with managing my Izumio business (tsk-tsk, so little faith!), she took the initiative to staple some small pieces of paper together small enough to fit into my wallet like a little 555 booklet as the Hubs always, ALWAYS reminds me to do. On the front page, she wrote her name and drew a blue snowflake and at the back, she wrote T2 loves Mummy then drew a heart and a star representing T2 and Mama and at the bottom, wrote From T2.


I was so touched!!!!!

Then she continued to advise me that with this little notebook, I should write down anything at all that I wanted to, such as how many Izumio boxes I delivered today, or how much money I got from that Aunty, or even what I did with her for the day and my feelings for the day. Wow!!! She understands the concept of keeping a journal!! So cute la!!!

This girl is a little charmer. Whenever she can sense that I am annoyed at something, she will quickly come up with a joke or say something funny that she knows will guarantee to get a laugh out of me. Now, is that being smart or manipulative? I am often being accused of being manipulative by my haters. Hmmm. As my BFF once told me after marrying her boyfriend’s friend, if you’re stupid enough to lose your girl then you probably don’t deserve her. What say you?

My Personal Assistant


Guess who THAT is? Gee. I hope I don’t get caught for child labour but T1 is THE best PA I could ever have. She is ever obliging and if she ever gets too tired of helping her Mama, I will bribe her with some cash. This girl has had so much hands on experience in life in her 10 years that she is well equipped to go far. She can survive in this world. She can think. She can fend for herself. I feel that my first half of my job is done with her. Next will be the boys part. Damn!

When I used to be out of action due to my illness, she would cook and clean and care for her younger sister. When T2 needs help with homework, T1 handles it all. If I need anything doing, T1 is all up for the job. She is great. She comes out with good solutions too without me asking. Sometimes I will give her a task and she will suggest why I don’t do it in another way. Whenever I have a problem, she solves it. She always makes me feel that my life is so damn worth living. She is my Mother reincarnated. She has my Mother’s incredible soul. And for that, she is so, so loved.

T1 – she’s my mini adult PA. She really is!!!

The Power of BOWS – Jo’s Bowz

The Power of BOWS by Jo’s Bowz


Do you like bows? I love bows. Ever since I was a little girl, I was a bow fan. Not just bows but ribbons too. All ribbons have pretty bows, do they not? Well, if you’re skilled at tying them then they do!

I was delighted to learn that Jo’s Bowz do CUSTOMISED bows for little girls and adults (and even for your male counterparts if you ask!). How awesome is that? All you have to do is contact Jo’s Bowz and tell her what you want exactly and she will whip out some magic. Ever since T2 accidentally dropped her pretty pink flower hairband that was presented to her by one of my close friends (it was my fault, she was sleeping and I carried her out of the car without checking her hairband so it must’ve fallen off without me noticing), she has been extremely upset. Until Jo’s Bowz made her her EXACT order of wanting a BLUE HELLO KITTY bow hairband. I was cracking my head at her request. Wasn’t Hello Kitty PINK??? As far as I know, Hello Kitty is pink. Where is one to find blue Hello Kitty?

But HECK!!! Jo’s Bowz made T2 a BLUE Hello Kitty Hairband!!!


And as the icing to the cake, her name was on the bow of the hairband!!! In large capital letters, T2’s blue Hello Kitty bow hairband actually came with her name. So damn special. She loved it and it became her regular hairband to school and all day at home. Her signature look.


And then when we visited Myanmar last year to visit our Children of Myanmar, I ordered some bows to give the children as Christmas presents and guess what? The lovely Jo of Jo’s Bows not only hand wrapped each and every individual pair of bows for the Children of Myanmar but she did not charge me for her labour. WTF. That is NOT ALLOWED. Do you have any idea how many pairs of bows I brought to Myanmar? And do you know how long it takes to make just one single bow? The girls of the Children of Myanmar LOVED their new bow clips. They wore them immediately when my girls presented it to them. So blessed to see their smiles we were. Greatest joy in the world and thank you to Jo’s Bowz for helping us make that happen.


Please hop over to Jo’s Bowz on Facebook and LIKE her page. It is the greatest joy you could give to a little girl, giving her a starter collection of pretty bows to beautify her hair. They are also much, much cheaper than commercial bows that you see at the shopping malls plus these are HAND MADE with SO MUCH LOVE.

Nothing is greater than a hand made gift made from true love and passion.

Here are some of the bows that are on offer that I like (you know, in case you would like to get ME some bows *wink*)


Pretty pink daisy bows


Just one way you can decorate your hair with a big bow.


Or bun your hair up like a chignon and still put a bow.


Bow on a hairband.


Pink Hello Kitty.


Bows on a ponytail.


Little clip bows.


ELSA bow.


Elsa hairband.



The power of Jo’s Bowz really works!!!

T2 being SHY


Last week, I brought T2 for her first play date ever. Yes, I know. The poor girl is already 5 and it was the first time ever that I brought her out alone without the overbearing T1 hovering over her, to her very own play date. Needless to say, she was shy initially and took time to blend in. T2 has the strangest personality. Some people she will just click with and most she will avoid. It has always been the same since she was a baby. A very few select people even upon meeting for the first time, she would allow them to hold her hand and walk her away or let them carry her but for most people, she would cry or run away. Weird huh? I could never suss out what kind of people she liked or took to versus those that she didn’t feel so comfortable with as they were all diverse as diverse could be. I could not form a correlation.

When T1 was a toddler, I had made the unaware mistake of calling someone else’s kid shy and the mother got very upset. It was then that I learnt why. Go on then. Google why you should never call a child shy. Apparently it makes the child fixated on the label and will actually turn out to be shy even when not shy. I’m not sure how much truth there is to that but we shall see, won’t we? I have seen T2 after not going to prepatory school, still being able to play very well with her new found school friends (and fighting too, haha). I have seen her very loud and boisterous amongst the friends she is comfortable with. So when she goes all mum and is quiet, I don’t think it is so much shyness but just being cautious and deciding if these are people who are safe.

So this exact thing happened at the play date. She was quiet but eventually managed to play independently with them but at some point, she suddenly came crying to me and didn’t want to return to her friends. I thought that was odd and that something must have happened so I asked her what happened or what was said to her but she wouldn’t say. She would just keep quiet and refused to go back to her friends which annoyed me as I was having a gala time chatting to the ladies. What is wrong with my child?! Just go and play already!

Long story short, she told me that evening that the girl who had helped her put on her swimsuit had accidentally zipped her chest and so I checked her chest and indeed there was a little chaffed skin. And that is why she no longer wanted to swim nor play with her friends. Sigh. She could have told me earlier and I could have fixed everything so they could all be happy and play together again. Not sure why she wouldn’t tell me or maybe she wanted to and I was too busy to care and didn’t really listen. *guilty* I felt really bad that night and decided to make it up to her this week.

As always, I need to remind myself to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n. because my children need me and I love them more than anything else in the world. Life just needs to be balanced. All the money in the world without health, is a no go. All the health and money in the world without happiness, is also a no go. And worse, all the money and health and happiness in the world but you raise ‘bad’ children, is absolutely a no go for me. So come on down back to Earth, me. Let’s divide the time and set fair hours so that everyone gets a piece of you equally. Poor Hubs. I think he might be at the bottom of that list.

My Blessed Readers

When I first started this blog, it was a form of release from being a lonely Stay-At-Home-Mom because there wasn’t Facebook then and I didn’t have any Mommy friends being one of the firsts in my group to be a Mommy. The blog has evolved into a journal for my children and I found that looking back, I can also see how I myself have evolved over the last 10 years. Freaking incredible if you ask me! If I ever lose this blog, I will cry so much till tears would form a river and that is how much I value my blog as it contains the memories of our last 10 years as a family.

I always thought that my readers were my friends and family abroad as this is one of the ways they are kept updated with our lives here in Malaysia but then I started gaining a following from all over the world. At one point I had 20,000 Unique Visitors coming to my blog every month and I earned a decent income from that but then I started working full time a few years ago and stopped blogging altogether. What a waste! Now that I’ve started again, my readership is slowly climbing again but the best part is, I am now starting to get to know my readers and meeting them in real life. Wonderful!

I also used to think that apart from family and friends, my readers (bless you all!!!) mainly comprised mothers both working at the office and working Moms from home (yes, Stay-At-Home-Moms are working Moms too) and of course, working Moms with an income from home (the hardest workers of all but with possibly the best options?). But last year, a few young ladies approached me from recognising my children and were brave enough to come up to say hello. Amazing!!! I was thrilled that I was an influence to such young and upcoming ladies who were just starting out their adult life fresh from college. THANK YOU, LADIES!!! To all ladies, young and old and older (yes, I even have readers above retirement age!), thank you so much for your support. I would love to meet all of you and am loving the process of meeting some of you even now, by chance, by appointment, by whatever forces bring us together. I am glad that I have been able to be a source of inspiration in whatever way big or small, I am happy to help you with information that I am able to disseminate, and I am happy to be your walking directory when I can afford the time. Thank you, my blessed readers. I do hope to meet more and more of you in the coming months as is already happening now.

Blog woes

If you are a regular reader, then you would have noticed that this blog has changed design recently into what I do not want – LOL!!! I wasn’t happy with the old blog design as it was too messy but never had any time to play around with it so ever since I gave up my full time job, I’ve been telling myself that I must make my blog pretty.

And so I started fiddling with code and stuff and suddenly, POOF!!! The blog disappeared.


I tried undoing everything that I did without success and nobody could access the blog anymore, not even me, the owner. I called up my host to SOS and they managed to revive it after an hour but some things were already missing and I just couldn’t be bothered to start all over as things were urgent. I randomly picked a simple blog design to continue my postings but I don’t really like it either. Blog themes are difficult!!! I wish I could understand code then I could design it exactly how I want it because none of the current designs work perfectly for me. SO annoying.

Anyone with code knowledge want to do an exercise in re-designing my blog? I will pay you but I am a very fussy customer because I know exactly what I want. Till then, I will just have to continue with this ugly blog despite it scratching my skin every day…..

The Izumio Factory in Japan

I do not understand any Japanese despite taking a month of Japanese classes when I worked with San Francisco Coffee as their Regional Marketing Director once upon a time before they got sold off. The plan was to expand to Japan and we were all forced to start learning Japanese! A Japanese tutor was hired for the staff and would come in twice a week and we all had to stay back after working hours for Japanese class.

Now I wish I had paid more attention instead of moaning!!!

This video clip is in Japanese but it does show glimpses of the Izumio Factory in Japan. Some of my friends have been there and I will be going this year. HURRAY!!!!

After School Routines

After School Routines

These are my 2 girls routines when we get home from school. They only have 3 hours to spare after which they are chased off to their bedtime routine that comprises brushing their teeth, changing into their pyjamas and whatever else they want to do for another 10 minutes. Such as reading or chatting or packing there school bags for the next day.

T1 – Shower, Snack, Homework, TV, Dinner.

T2 – Strips off her Uniform, runs to get a packet of IZUMIO, Snack with TV, Play, Shower, Dinner. She only gets homework over the weekends.


Me – Serve them their Snack, Dinner Preps, Shower T2, Cook Dinner, Chase them to bed. Then start work again.

The Hubs will roll in about 9pm to have dinner and do the dishes, and the laundry. Can’t ask for much, can I? :-p

Sports Day at School

Today is T1’s Sports Day Heats at school. She has been complaining over the last few weeks about being too hot, too dehydrated, muscle ache from running and tiredness from a combination of standing in the sun, running and being dehydrated. She said she ran and came out last. LOL!! I told her I was a school runner for the 100m and 200m and 4x100m and I always got the gold. My 100m time then was 15.8s. Talk about pressure, right? I LOVE pressuring my kids yet no matter how much pressure I put on them, they are not doing what I tell them to. Something must be wrong in my approach. Damn!

Actually, I think I only pressure T1 because she is so thick-skinned like me that it wouldn’t faze her. T2 on the other hand, I would never undermine her weakness in her reading level and in fact, when her first exam Bahasa Paper came back and it was a C, I cheered her on to tell her what a great job she’d done! She was completely oblivious and does not know the difference between getting and A or a C so when I told her she did great, her eyes lit up and she said, “Really? I did great?” She was so happy that I was happy and I hugged her tight to tell her just how much I loved her.

On the contrary, and unfairly so (but you know, they say that Mothers will give to the child who needs it most), whenever T1 comes home with a lower A (she’s a straight A student), I will be asking, “So what happened?” LOLOL!!!

OMG, I’m such a bad MOM.

In all honesty though, I have explained to T1 that the expectation is much greater from her because we see the potential. It is what it is and it does not mean that we love her any less. Not at all. In fact, if we had to choose between the two of them, I’d choose T1 to T2 anytime. LOL!! Nobody wants to take care of T2!! Until T2 catches up, of course. Even their English tutor last year agreed with me that with T1, it is so darn frustrating because there is so much potential yet she’s just cruising…..and with T2, whatever she does, it’s still great with us.

Moral of the story – if you show people how smart you are, they will have smart expectations of you. But if you remain dumb, they will not expect much of you. HAHAHAHA!!! My poor children.


My Business Partners

When I first started, I signed up my Husband and my Sister-in-Law as my first business partners because I wanted total control of my business staying within the family. I’m not sure it made any difference but it is nice now to earn  weekly income from myself and also from the other family members that I have signed up since the beginning. It is all a numbers game and knowing where to place the people and only my Izumio Guru will be able to teach you that, how to maximise your earning potential by playing this numbers game.

In my 2nd month, I think I signed up a few more people and then by the 3rd month, these few people were signing more people and then those people were signing up even more people. It is so exciting that the team is growing below me and I do not even know how how fast or how far, and suddenly I have almost a hundred people in less than 5 months, out of which less than 20% is my own from my own efforts. I think that is pretty darn cool.

I have one girl who has only signed up ONE person yet we have placed 45 people under her already so she earns an income. We continue to place people under you as we grow because we are just that kind of team. You work hard, we reward you.

The ones who have helped me get to where I am to date include:-

1. Fabulous Mom of Three – British Grad

2. Fabulous Mom of Two – British Grad

3. Fabulous Mom of Three

4. Fabulous Mom of Three – Accountant at a Multinational Telco

5. Cheras Power Woman – Business Owner of several branches of an educational franchise

6. Mont Kiara Power Woman – Managing Director of a Medical Software Group

7. Melaka Power Woman – SuperMom

8. East Malaysia Power Woman – Chemical Engineer

9. Filipino Power Woman – SuperMom

10. …………..and the list goes on.

Please feel free to get your Izumio and Super Lutein from any one of my team members above.

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